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Lotte Lemmens




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Optimizing outcomes of psychotherapy

Let me introduce myself: my name is Lotte Lemmens and I’m working as an assistant professor at the department of Clinical Psychological Science at Maastricht University. My research is aimed at optimizing psychotherapy treatment outcomes. The treatment that I’m particularly interested in is cognitive (behavioural) therapy (CBT).In various (clinical) studies, I examine treatment effects, the shape of therapeutic change, processes responsible for symptom change, and (individual) variables associated with therapy success. In addition, I’m studying whether and how technology (self-learning e-coaches) can serve as a bridge between the therapist’s office and daily life.Since the start of my academic career, I have examined these questions in the context of Depression (UM/PENN). I have conducted a large clinical trial (RCT) to the effects and mechanisms change of CT vs Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) for depression (STEPd study). Currently, Iam involved in a subsequent trial in which the effects of session frequency and quality of treatment on outcome are being studied (FreqMech study).Throughout the years, I extended my work to the field of eating (disorders) as well. I have been involved in a large study aimed at developing a self-learning CBT based E-coach (smartphone app) for weight loss (Think Slim study), and ran various experiments. Currently, I am coordinating an RCTto the effects and mechanisms of CT vs. CT + Exposure for Eating Disorders and I am working on my VENI project ‘Beating the Binge’, in which I use a network approach to study the predictors of binge eating, and develop a personalized smartphone app to prevent binge eating in daily life. More information about this latter project can be found atwww.maastrichtuniversity.nl/fpn/btb.Besides my work at Maastricht University, I work as a therapist, and as a teacher at theRINO group. Furthermore, I am the chair of the scientific committee of the annual conference of the Dutch association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (VGCt).Specific research topics: Treatment studies; Research conducted in clinical settings; Cognitive (behavioural) therapy; Interpersonal Psychotherapy; (Cue) exposure; Treatment outcomes; Shape of change; Mediators of treatment effects; Optimal treatment selection; Sudden Gains; (Dynamic) Relations between symptoms; Depression; Eating Disorders; Binge Eating; EMA; EMI.


I’m a course coordinator, practical coordinator, lecturer, tutor and skills trainer in various psychopathology-related courses in the bachelor and master of Mental Health Sciences (FHML) and Psychology (FPN). I am mentoring FPN bachelor students, advising PhD students (co-promotor), and have supervised dozens of students in the process of writing their bachelor’s and master’s thesis. In addition, I am a member of the FPN Educational Section and the board of admissions of the Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience (psychopathology track). In 2018, I won the FPN Teaching Award.

I would be happy to be an advisor for students who are interested in writing their thesis on topics related to psychotherapy for eating disorders or depression. Furthermore, master students interested in the topics of my research are more than welcome for a research internship to gain practical research experience in the context of one of my ongoing projects.

Other activities

Besides my work at Maastricht University, I work as a therapist, and as a teacher at the RINO group. Furthermore, I am the chair of the scientific committee of the annual conference of the Dutch association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (VGCt).

Honours and Awards

2019: Youg talent in NWO 2019 Gravitation Consortium “New Science of Mental Disorders’.
2019: Nomination FPN Edcuation Prize 2019, best master course coordinator, Maastricht University (top 4).
2018: FPN Education Prize 2018, best master course coordinator, Maastricht University.
2017: Pieter Boeke Prijs (best Dissertation in the field of psychotherapy), Pieter Boeke Foundation, Stichting PAO-P.
2017: VENI grant, Dutch organisation for scientific research (NWO).
2016: Article Prize Dutch-Flemish Postgraduate School for Experimental Psychopathology (EPP).
2015: Nomination Wim Trijsburgprijs, Dutch Association for Psychotherapy (NVP) (top 3).
2014: Beck Institute Graduate Student Scholarship, Beck Institute, Philadelphia (VS).
2013: Grant by University Fund Limburg /SWOL: for organizing Depression Symposium.
2012: Fulbright Award & Scholarship, Fulbright Center Amsterdam.
2012: Nomination FHML Educational Prize 2012, domain Health, Maastricht University (top 5)
2011: Grant by University Fund Limburg /SWOL: Sudden Gains project.


An up to date list can be found here.