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Lotte Lemmens

Assistant Professor



  • - Binge Eating Disorder
  • - Boulimia nervosa
  • - Interventions, treatment
  • - Obesity

Investigating the effects and mechanisms of psychotherapy

Let me introduce myself: my name is Lotte Lemmens and I’m working as a post-doctoral research fellow at the department of Clinical Psychological Science at Maastricht University. My research focuses on the effects and mechanisms of psychotherapy. The treatment that I’m particularly interested in is Cognitive Therapy (CT). In my work, I examine clinical effects (short-term and long-term), the shape of change, processes that are responsible for symptom change, and variables associated with therapy success.

During my PhD, I examined these questions in the context of a large RCT comparing CT with Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) for Depression. I am currently working on an RCT in which we study CT vs. CT + Cue Exposure in patients with Eating Disorders.

I believe that a full understanding of why, how long and for whom psychological interventions work, is the best short- and long-term investment for improving everyday clinical practice and patient care.

Specific research topics: Eating Disorders; Depression; Research conducted in clinical settings; Cognitive Therapy; Cue exposure; Effects of Psychotherapy; Shape of change; Mediators of treatment effects; Optimal treatment selection;; Sudden Gains; Dynamic Relations between symptoms;.


I’m a tutor, skills trainer, practicum coordinator, and lecturer in various psychopathology-related courses in the bachelor and master of Mental Health Sciences (FHML) and Psychology (FPN), and a mentor of FPN bachelor students. Furthermore, I have supervised several students in the process of writing their Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis.  In addition, I am a member of the FPN Educational Section and of the course planning group of the ‘Mood Disorders’ course of the bachelor Mental Health (FHML). In 2012, I was nominated for the FHML teaching award.

I would be happy to be an advisor for students who are interested in writing their thesis on topics related to psychotherapy for eating disorders or depression. Furthermore, master students interested in the topics of my research are more than welcome for a research internship to gain practical research experience in the context of one of my ongoing projects.

Clinical work

Besides my scientific activities I work as a therapist at Virenze-RIAGG Maastricht, where I conduct intake interviews and assessments, and provide CT for patients diagnosed with eating disorders and depression. In this connection I participate in weekly supervision sessions.

Honours and Awards

2016: Article Prize Dutch-Flemish Postgraduate School for Experimental Psychopathology (EPP)
2015: Nomination for Wim Trijsburg Prize for Junior Scientists, Dutch association for Psychotherapy (NVP).
2014: Beck Institute Graduate Student Scholarship, Beck Institute, Philadelphia (VS).
2013: Grant by University Fund Limburg /SWOL: for organizing Depression Symposium.
2012: Fulbright Award & Scholarship, Fulbright Center Amsterdam.
2012: Nomination FHML Educational Prize 2012, Universiteit Maastricht.
2011:Grant by University Fund Limburg /SWOL: Sudden Gains project.


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