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Sarah Kochs




  • - Belonende waarde van voedsel en eten
  • - Cognitieve processen en denkfouten
  • - Craving (sterke drang om te eten)
  • - Gewichtsverlies en lijnen
  • - Hersenprocessen
  • - Obesitas


I did the Bachelor in Psychology at Maastricht University. Thereafter, I did the Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience with specialization in Cognitive Neuroscience at Maastricht University. Since October 2016, I am PhD-Student at the “eetgroep”.

During my PhD-project, I will employ fMRI to study neural responses to food images. The central statement of my project is that the neural reaction to the sight of tempting food stimuli is not an automatic default response that is always the same for a given person but that it depends on the current mindset of the person. The influence of a mindset focusing on health-related aspects of food, i.e. calorie content, will be compared with the influence of a mindset focusing on hedonic aspects of food, i.e. taste. It will be investigated in how far this effect depends on characteristics of a person, i.e. in how far it is different for restrained eaters vs. non-restrained eaters.


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