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Leonardo Pimpini




  • - Belonende waarde van voedsel en eten
  • - Cognitieve processen en denkfouten
  • - Executieve functies & cognitieve controle
  • - Hersenprocessen
  • - Obesitas


My research focusses on neural representation of food in obese vs lean subjects. Over my PhD, I investigate how our brain responds to different types of food stimuli, visually presented. To study cognitive functions like visual attention, reward and working memory, I adopt different methodologies (fMRI, EEG, eye-tracking) which are non-invasive and painless. Finally, this research-line, advanced and fundamental at once, aims from one side to enhance and improve existing weight-loss treatments; from the other side to design new ones from scratch.


I started my PhD in the Eatlab, at Maastricht University, in November 2017. Prior to this, I completed a Bachelor in Philosophy at Ca’ Foscari University (Venice), followed by a research Master in Cognitive Neuroscience between the Universities of Trento (CIMeC) and Osnabrueck. Throughout the Master, I conducted EEG research on visual selective attention and linguistics.


I tutor bachelor courses like ‘Methods of Cognitive Neuroscience’ and ‘Research Practical’. I am always interested in hearing from enthusiastic students who want to write their thesis or do research on obesity, reward processing, attentional bias and working memory.


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