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Anouk Hendriks

PhD Student



  • - Taste and satiety

In October 2017, I started as a PhD student at the Laboratory of Behavioral Gastronomy (LABEGAS), which is part of the Centre for Healthy Eating and Food Innovation (HEFI) at Maastricht University’s Campus in Venlo.

My research focusses on Sensory-Specific Satiety. The term Sensory-Specific Satiety refers to the phenomenon that, when a food is eaten to satiety, the pleasantness of this food decreases, while other non-eaten foods remain pleasant. In other words, when I am repeatedly eating crisps, these crisps will decrease in pleasantness, while I still evaluate chocolate (which I didn’t eat) as evenly pleasant.

In my research, I investigate the mechanisms of Sensory-Specific Satiety and factors that are thought to influence this phenomenon, such as food variety, food-related characteristics of a meal or a food item (e.g. complexity), or contextual characteristics of a meal. Food variety, for example, seems to increase food intake, by delaying Sensory-Specific Satiety (i.e. it takes more time to reach satiation when a meal is varied).

The goal of my project is to advance our knowledge of important determinants of Sensory-Specific Satiety, meal planning, and food intake, and thus identify the necessary building blocks for successfully designing satisfying healthy meals and food products.