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Jessica Alleva

Assistant Professor



  • - Body image
  • - Cognitive processes and biases
  • - Interventions, treatment


My research is about body image – the thoughts and feelings that we have about our body, including its physical appearance and functionality. Specifically, my research focuses on investigating theory-based techniques to help people to feel more positively about their body. Developing a more positive body image is important, because it can contribute to greater physical and psychological well-being.


I am the coordinator of the track Mind Your Body (of the course Discover Psychology, Bachelor of Psychology). Mind Your Body focuses on key questions in body image research, such as “How do media affect our body image?” and, “How can body image be improved?”

I am also the coordinator of Self-Regulation (Master of Health and Social Psychology) and Social Psychology (university College Maastricht).

I am/have been a PBL tutor for the following courses:

  • Discover Psychology (Track: Mind Your Body)
  • Social Psychology (University College Maastricht)
  • Self-Regulation
  • Research: How to do it
  • Writing Skills
  • Observation Skills
  • Sexuality

I also supervise bachelor and master students with regard to their theses and research projects on various topics related to my research (e.g., body image, media influence, sexual objectification, cognitive processes, eating disorders).


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