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Yu Liu




  • - Belonende waarde van voedsel en eten
  • - Cognitieve processen en denkfouten
  • - Executieve functies & cognitieve controle
  • - Hersenprocessen
  • - Obesitas

It is well known that a healthy diet and exercise can help us control weight, but there are still lots of people who fail to lose weight and remain overeating. Some of them may complain that so many delicious foods around me, I’ve just got my eye on them. It seems that keeping our eye on food can increase our eating behaviors and this is the function of attentional bias. During the PhD studies, I will focus on the attentional bias in obesity. In my research, attentional bias isn’t regard as a stable mean response time, but a dynamic process that can change over time. As obesity people usually have two conflict goals, the temporal mindset probably decide which goal is dominant, and subsequently, influence the attentional bias toward food. In brief, I will find out the dynamic nature of attentional bias for food in obesity, then we can have a better understanding of this dynamic attentional process, and in the future, it can help us improve current weight loss trainings.