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Valerie Monpellier

PHD Student



  • - Body image
  • - Interventions, treatment


Morbid obesity is a major health problem frequently associated with several medical morbidities, like high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. Part of the patients with morbid obesity have an indication for bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery is surgery for the treatment of morbid obesity and associated comorbidities, examples are gastric banding and gastric bypass. With this type of surgery changes are made in the gastro-intestinal tract leading to a decreased intake and a decreased absorption of nutrients. In most of the patients this leads to a substantial amount of weight loss; unfortunately in part of the patients weight loss is insufficient. We think that psychological problems, lifestyle changes, like eating behavior and physical activity play an important role in achieving sufficient weight loss; but this has not been studies extensively. With my research we will assess which factors influence weight loss.

In addition to insufficient weight loss, overhanging skin is a frequent problem after the major weight loss. This overhanging skin can cause several issues. Part of the patient will undergo body contouring surgery to resect the overhanging skin. In another part of my research we will study the differences between the patients who had body contouring surgery and the patients who have not.


In addition to the research I also work as a doctor in the Dutch Obesity Clinic (Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek). In our clinic we have a pre- and post-operative treatment program for patients who undergo bariatric surgery. As a doctor I take part in the multidisciplinary preoperative screening and see patients postoperatively for follow-up.